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Original artwork

Thank You for visiting my site!!

I sell original artwork and prints-

Most prints are shipped in a tube, but per arrangements they can be shipped flat...

I will send prints within a two week period or sooner.  I appreciate your patience, I am checking for quality.


 I don't make prints of commissioned work. 

**I am changing the way I do prints because of height and sizes. Some may be a little taller or shorter. It depends on how the original painting was done. If you need to ask me something, please email me at [email protected]....

Example: A 13x20 print is total length + width with 1 inch border included. The inside print is "11 1/2 x 18 1/2.

See below


 "To all of my customers: Starting June 10th, 2022 my prices will increase on my prints. The cost of printing materials and shipping have increased quite a bit and I will have to raise my cost also.  I am sorry..."

Free shipping on prints in the United States......

Calendars can also be ordered in two sizes 8x11  and 12x12 

Thank You......


All original work on this sight is copyrighted. Copyright 2019 © Catherine Vaughn

All rights reserved. All use of graphics, artwork, language etc., is copyrighted. Any reproductions without written consent is prohibited!!

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